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iFlex Wood Products

Basket Moulding IFW 1030

Basket Moulding IFW 1030

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Basket Moulding IFW1030

Dimensions: 2.36" x 1.57" (6cm x 4cm)

Length: 2.36" (6cm)

Width: 1.57" (4cm)

Weight:  Ounces ( grams)

Barcode: 733045754125

iFlex Wood Products are heat bendable mouldings and trim that can be painted, stained, drilled, sanded and varnished.  Most are lightweight and can be molded to any contoured surface.  They adhere to just about any surface to include wood, glass, MDF, plastic and more!  

iFlex Wood Products are so easy to apply with a good quality wood glue and bend with the aide of heat of a hair dryer or heat gun.  

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