iFlex Wood Products Instructions

We have provide instructions on how to use iFlex Wood Products.  If you need further assistance or have other questions please call us at 571-464-3522 and we will be happy to assist you.

IMPORTANT: PLEASE READ THE BELOW INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE USING iFLEX WOOD PRODUCTS.  iFlex Wood Products are designed to be extremely user-friendly, provided that a few simple steps are followed. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO BEND iFLEX WOOD PRODUCTS WITHOUT HEATING FIRST!

  1. HEAT the piece with a heat gun or blow dryer until it becomes flexible. This allows the decorative piece to adhere to the project surface by increasing contact points of the glue in Step 2.
  1. Spread a thin, even layer of adhesive, such as wood glue, to the entire back surface. It is important to be thorough so that small, detailed parts of the molding will be properly adhered to the project piece.
  1. Gently press the iFlex Wood Products molding against the project piece. Continue applying mild pressure until the adhesive begins to set and the iFlex Wood Products molding remains in place on its own. Press all parts of the iFlex Wood Products molding against the piece to ensure a complete bond. If needed, reapply heat intermittently in order to retain flexibility.

That’s it! Once the glue has properly dried, the piece is ready for paint, stain or other decorative finish enhancements. If desired, paint or stain may be applied before iFlex Wood Products moldings are applied to a piece, but caution must be used in order to avoid issues like bubbling and cracking in the coating while the iFlex Wood Products molding is being heated and formed to the piece.

CAUTION: iFlex Wood Products are fragile and may break if not handled with care. If a break occurs, heat with heat gun or blow dryer then apply a small amount of wood glue to the broken surfaces and press back together. Once glue has dried, gently sand if needed to smooth surface with 320 grit sandpaper, and the piece can then be used normally following the instructions above.
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Questions? Please contact directly at info@allpaintproducts.com or you may call us at (571) 464-3522.  Thank you for your purchase. We hope you love your iFlex Wood Products!